The Game

An engaging, intriguing thriller that shows a wealthy banker’s life going haywire when he signs in to a mysterious gaming club.

Director – David Fincher

Writers – Steve Golin, Cean Chaffin

Cast – Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger


Wealthy investment banker Nicholas (Douglas) is a meticulous & curt loner who loves control over his life more than the relationships around him. He’s also yet to overcome the death of his father decades ago.

When his brother Conrad (Penn) gifts him a voucher and insists that he visits the game club, he does.

Intrigued by what the game is all about, he signs in and his “straight as a straight line” life goes for a total spin. What starts looking like a prank , then financial fraud now seems life threatening. Or is it just the imagination of his troubled mind ?


I know most people could have possibly seen this film long back. I was late to the party.

I found it a slick paced thriller. The plot kicks off on a very intriguing note. Curiosity keeps us egging on even as the circumstances and happenings get more and more bizarre. We start wondering how much of it could be the mind games. But then our analytical mind starts arriving at conspiracy theories and loopholes.

One thing thats most impressive and is the soul of the film is Michael Douglas’s performance. He’s pitch perfect with his stiff upper lip attitude, measured curiosity, bewilderment, softening up and not once moves away from the character. He keeps your attention even when you feel the things go a tad incredulous.

Even though I feel certain sequences are low on plausibility and the climax not so wow, but the film with its thrills and performances makes it a good watch.

Of course being a David Fincher fan plays its role too.

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