A thriller that’s about rage, revenge, love and passion. Revolves around two families that have much going on the inside and further get embroiled with each other in a bitter game of revenge.

Cast – Harshvardhan Rane, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Pulkit Samrat, Jim Sarbh, Ankur Rathee, Kriti Kharbanda, Abhimanyu Singh, Saurabh Sachdeva, Zoa Morani, Saloni Batra

Director – Bejoy Nambiar

Writers – Kartik R. Iyer, Anjali Nair, Bejoy Nambiar, Gunjit Chopra


Pali (Harshvardhan) & Jahaan (Sanjeeda) are star crossed lovers. He’s a bitter & broken man when she’s married to someone else, that too in his own family, a family that’s about goons & all things illegal.

Rohit (Jim) and Sunny( Pulkit) meet after years to attend Krish’s (Ankur) wedding.

The family is enjoying the big fat Indian wedding when a sudden fatal attack on someone ruins the festivities, brings upon a death, breaks apart families and people, and changes the course of life for many.


Bejoy Nambiar, who is known for his dark thrillers (Shaitan, David, Wazir) gives us an engrossing story in a visually appealing film that boasts of good cast and performances.

On the flip side, I would mention that the second half of the story looses its grip & precision and could have been shortened by some minutes. Had Bejoy maintained the pace and hold throughout, it would been a fabulous film start to finish.

It’s rough edges aside, the most appealing aspect about Taish, which is kind of eponymous, is intense emotions, whether in terms of love or passion or anger or revenge.

My favourite part was the one about Pali and Jahaan. Their longing is intense, their angst is heartbreaking.

In a unique concept, the same story is available in two different formats, a series & a film.

While the series adopts a hardcore thriller format with a non-linear narrative, with pieces gradually falling in place, the film follows a linear one.

I personally would recommend the film as I feel that breaking the story in episodes somehow breaks the rhythm & flow. But if you like placing puzzles together, go for the series.


Harshwardhan was absolutely superb as the brooding, broken and mad-ish Pali. Had loved him in Sanam Teri Kasam too. Taish gives him a chance to prove his mettle. He stands out and outshines others.

I liked Sanjeeda in her bare faced looks and impressive portrayal as the weepy, heart broken, helpless Jahaan.

Jim Sarbh, whom I have seen in his meatiest role till date gets to showcase a wide spectrum of emotions. His character had a wide arch that could be a delight for an actor.

Another actor worth a mention is Saurabh Sachdeva (Sukhi). He is superb. Would love to see more of him.

Saloni Batra draws attention in her quiet, understated portrayal as Sanobar.

Pulkit is good as the volatile and impulsive Sunny. Kriti And Ankur Rathee lend good support.

The film/series is definitely recommended and specially for the thriller lovers and Bejoy Nambiar fans.

The story, the emotions, the cast and the performances will sure make it worth your time.

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