Bahut Hua Sammaan

A goofy and crazy satire/comedy that could range from amusing to hilarious depending upon the viewer’s palate and worth a watch for its completely off beat & wacky story telling style.

Cast – Sanjay Mishra, Raghav Jual, Abhishek Chauhan, Nidhi Singh, Namit das, Ram Kapoor, Flora Saini, Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Director -Ashish Shukla

Writers – Avinash Singh, Vijay Narayan Verma


Bony (Raghav) and Fundoo (Abhishek) are good for nothing students and together with Bakc**d Baba (Sanjay Mishra)(Yeah… you got it right) plan a bank heist… that goes terribly wrong.

Soon they find themselves in some deep sh*t (Hope you get the feel of the film by now).

There are a lot many people who are desperate to lay their hands on, not the booty that was stolen but “Kohinoor” that was a part of that booty. And obviously Kohinoor is not a precious stone but something bombastic!


Ashish Shukla who has given the superbly taut (Sonyliv) series Undekhi, presents to us this totally freaky film.

There are many elements that give this film its character – the comic style story telling, the hindi film songs in the background, the cuss words, the not so refined colloquial lingo, the bizarre situations and of course the cast and the performances that bring alive this comical film.

The story took sometime to build up and one could take some time to acclimatise to its tangent but once achieved, it’s a funny ride.


Sanjay Mishra, last seen in Kamyaab, wows us again (no surprise at that one) in a diametrically opposite role. I wonder how he manages to make every character he plays so absolutely adorable. And it all seems so incredibly natural and effortless coming from him.

Raghav Jual is absolutely hilarious and amazing as Bony. He’s expressions are a delight to watch.

Abhishek Chauhan looks cute and funny.

Nidhi Singh is noticeable and impressive as the earthy policewoman.

Ram Kapoor didn’t have much to bite on and Dibyendu was convincing as the cringe worthy baba.

The film which could easily be termed as mad cap comedy is strictly for people who don’t mind their comedies outlandish and the language mucky!

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