An adorable and earnest story about a love that defies the norms.It boasts of sensitive storytelling and stellar performances.

Cast – Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Divya Seth, Anupriya Goenka, Dilnaz Irani,Chandrachoor Rai

Director/Writer – Rohena Gera


Ratna, a young woman from a village, widowed at the age of 19, works for a a plush upscale household in Mumbai. She’s dedicated, perceptive, loyal. Despite her background, past and stature, she displays an admirable zest for life and aspires to be a fashion designer.

Her employer Ashwin, son of a real estate tycoon is reeling under a broken marriage at the altar. He’s quiet, polite and compassionate.

His loneliness and quiet distress finds solace in her understanding and tranquil support. She finds in him, respect and support for her as a person and for her personal and familial ambitions.

This beautiful and dainty relationship blossoms into love.

Does this unlikely and unconventional love find it’s ground to grow ?


Rohena Gera, who made her screenwriting debut with the popular serial ”Jassi Jaisi Koyi Nahin” presents the story of this highly unconventional love in a subtle and sensitive manner.

The beauty and tranquility of the relationship is highlighted by the serenity of the atmospherics.

Ratna’s character has been etched deep with a portrayal of her daily routines, body language, expressions and silences. The daily patterns and silent patches of the film prompt you to soak in their lives and delve into their psyches.

Gera chooses a languorous pace for the narrative that has a soothing feel about it. Those who do not have a palate for slow films might find it a problem. The way she merges the relationship drama with a social commentary about societal norms, class divide, human aspirations and feelings at times defying both ,is seamless.

Towards the end, you may find yourself with jumbled thoughts about the improbability, impracticality but also try to understand their love.The only aspect, I personally found lacking was some more chemistry. Perhaps it was too subtle or that was the way the maker visualised or wanted to portray it.


This well written and immersive story has been brought to life by the two leads.

Tillotama Shome, an actress who always stands out with her portrayals delivers a very nuanced performance. She’s practically in every frame and in a way the soul of the film.

The only thing that I felt lacking about her character was the English being too smooth on the tongue and the variety of sarees in her wardrobe too lavish.

Vivek Gomber is mightily impressive and incredibly real as the soft spoken, courteous Ashwin.

Geetanjali Kulkarni shines in her small role as Laxmi.

This adorable film that can be clearly termed as niche cinema basks in its tranquil and languid feel, portrays a love that defies the norms and boasts of an admirable set of performances. Takers for such cinema must not miss this one.

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