Paava Kadhaigal

An extremely compelling anthology of four short stories.  It revolves around people dealing with their fate and reeling under caste, class ,gender biases and a warped sense of honour.

Thangam by Sudha Kongara

Cast – Kaalidas Jayaram, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Bhavani Sre

A heartwarming story of a transgender and how he helps his best friend at the cost of his own heart and life. A heartbreaking story of how he was shunned by his own family and society.

Love Panna Uttranum by Vignesh Shivan

Cast – Anjali, Kalki Koechlin, Padam Kumar, Jaffer Sadiq

A tale about twin sisters whose lives have different destinies in store as they deal with their staunch and orthodox father about their love lives.

 Vaanmagal by Gautham Vasudev Menon

Cast – Simran , Gautham Menon

A poignant story of a family that tries to deal with a calamity that befalls their little child.

Oor Iravu by Vetrimaran

Cast -Sai Pallavi ,Prakash Raj, Hari Krishnan

A heart wrenching tale of a woman who dares to marry against the family and community.


It’s one of the most impactful  pieces of cinema that I have watched in a long time.

Four different film makers create these poignant, heart breaking, thought provoking,disturbing stories that are thematically about caste, class, gender biases and warped sense of honour that unfortunately and heart wrenchingly makes even families behave in the most diabolical manner.

Backed up by a good set of performances, these short stories will grip your mind and heart right from their first moment and leave you shaken up and thinking.

To read about news items and knowing that this reality exists is one thing, but to see and live those thoughts and moments of fear and heart break is another thing.

This anthology makes you live that fate along with its characters.

The anthology is highly recommended for its riveting and stellar story telling that bares the foul realities plaguing our society and mindsets.

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