Operation Finale

Is an engrossing historical drama that revolves around the capture of Adolf Eichmnann, a Top Nazi and one of the masterminds of holocaust during world war II , by Israeli secret agents from Mossad.

Cast- Ben Kingsley, Oscar Isaac, Lior Raz, Nick Kroll, Michael Aronov

Director- Chris Weitz


Adolf Eichmann was in charge of handling logistics of the Jews during the horrific holocast, having organised  mass exterminations and their transportation to concentration camps.

After World War II ended, he managed to escape and settle in Argentina with changed identity.

Fifteen years later when Mossad gets a tip off about him ,they send a team of their top secret agents to track him.The plan is not to kill him but to bring him alive to Israel for a trial and thats what makes their mission extremely challenging.To add to the challenges is the fact that the team has to fight their own pains from the past and demons that would rather have him dead.

In an extremely gripping narrative, we see the mission right from the inception stage with a brief peep into the life of Peter Malkin( Isaac Oscar),who was amongst the team and was to play a major role in this entire coup. After the kidnapping, their supposed brief stay at the hideout gets extended and faces a major hurdle.Peter tackles Eichmann(Ben Kingseley) in a battle of wits and emotions while the clock is ticking away and frantic combing operations are being carried out by Argentinian authorities.

Watch this extra ordinary real life mission in which they masquerade as crew and fly him sedated sneaking right under the nose of Argentinian authorities to bring the man to trial.


In a brilliant screenplay, Chris Weitz brings alive this real story backed up by shining performances by Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley. Javier Aguirresarobe’s cinematography and his frames portrays the period era and the greyness of the moods well. The overall pace is good, the kidnapping sequence and their final exit from Argentina is absolutely nail biting.The part depicting exchanges between Peter and Eichmann is slow but portrays the psychological battle and the emotional scars in Peter and gives an interesting peep into the personality of Eichmann.

The brief glimpses of the holocast,though aesthetically depicted without being gory, were horrifying and disturbing to say the least.  It reminds us of the painful fact that wars and genocides are the worst thing that can be done to humanity by humanity. They kill some and leave the rest scarred for life.

Those who like historical dramas or thrillers must not miss this one, for the fact that both these genres blend together to give this superbly engaging film.

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