Is an engrossing legal thriller/crime thriller that revolves around a woman’s murder by her husband and the twisted game of wits he plays with the state’s counsel who has been assigned the case.

Cast- Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, Billy Burke, Rosamund Pike,Cliff Curtis,Fiona Shaw, David Strathairn

Director- Gregory Hoblit

Writers-Daniel Pyne, Glen Gers


Ted Crawford(Hopkins) is a wealthy aeronautical engineer with a sharp mind, state of art mansion and an unfaithful wife.When he kills her point blank ,surrenders and gives a written confession, it seems like an open and shut case to the bright ambitious lawyer Willy Beachum( Gosling) who works for the district attorney’s office and is assigned Crawford’s case. But Ted, who has chosen to forego a defence counsel and opts to represent himself, is definitely not that simple as Willy expects.

When they start to build up the case and investigate the crime scene, they are in for a tough challenge. Not only the murder weapon but the murder confession too turns out not supporting the case. There’s a lot at stake for Willy and he tries his best but Ted has an infallible defence and he does win the case. What was it that Willy missed and does Ted get away with it ?


The film ’s charm is enhanced more by the amazing performances of its leads than its mystery quotient.Its not a mind boggling murder mystery but a psychological drama with mind games.

Anthony Hopkins is superb in a character who is sharp, shrewd and grey but is charming at the same time.

Ryan Gosling delivers a performance that matches Hopkins and in fact had more range to it. From cheerful and cocksure to baffled and anxious, then obsessed and worried, to defeated and then back to resolute. He was fabulous.

This twisted psychological suspense drama is highly recommended especially for the stellar lead performances.

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