Nail Polish

An engaging thriller that involves a series of brutal murders, a dubious accused, a psychological twist and court room drama.

Cast – Manav Kaul, Arjun Rampal, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapoor, Samreen Kaur

Writer/ Director – Bugs Bhargava Krishna


The police has been grappling with a series of brutal killings of kids over the years. When the police finally apprehends the accused, the whole town is shocked, for the man is a well-placed, former serviceman, a loved sports coach and a revered benefactor.

Top notch lawyer Jaisingh (Rampal) defends the man for his own personal benefit which is part of a bigger game of politics.

But as the case gets more twisted and Veer Singh’s behaviour more contorted, its time to delve into Veet Singh’s past to ensure justice is delivered.


Despite the fact that the basic premise gave a “seen-before” feel, I found the the film a fairly engaging and interesting watch.

Though one may find many parts fairly predictable, the film manages to keep up its intrigue factor. It keeps you hooked right till the end even though you might guess what’s around the corner.   

One of the major reasons that the film holds fort is its lead stars. Manav Kaul, Arjun Rampal and Rajit Kapoor keep us hooked with their performances and courtroom antics despite a lack of sharpness in the court exchanges.

Manav Kaul shines as the cold ,complicated and contorted Veer Singh and I could say that the film almost belongs to him. 

With some more impetus on writing, the dialogues could have been sharper, the mesh of trial, investigation and reveleations a bit finer.

With the backing of its performances ,the film had the scope of turning out notches higher.

Nevertheless, It’s a good engaging watch for those who love crime thrillers/ courtroom dramas/ psychological thrillers.

It’s a must watch for Manav Kaul fans. The film is worth a watch for him alone.

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