Knives Out

A delightful whodunnit that mightily impresses with its amusing tint, fine cast and pleasure-to-watch performances.

Cast – Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shanon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Lakieth Standfield, Katherine Langford, jaeden Martell, Christopher Plummer.

Writer/ Director- Rian Johnson


Mystery Novelist Harlan Thrombey has been found dead in his mansion when his entire family is together for his 85th Birthday.

Though prima facie it appears like a suicide, famous detective Benoit Blanc cannot rule foul play or any of them as suspect. The investigation takes a very interesting course as gradually, chinks in the relationships and greed in the hearts surfaces.


Had heard rave reviews about the film and was quite late to join the bandwagon.

As I see it, what adds shine to this typical murder mystery with the family members as suspect et al, is the offbeat and light story telling style, the humour and most of all the superb ensemble cast and their performances.

I was most impressed with Ana de Armas who plays Marta. The actress is marvellous with every minute of her screen presence. I was so won over by the innocence and charm of her character.

The  special thing about this film is that every actor shines irrespective of the length or weight of their role in the script.

Jamie lee Curtis and Tony Collette are my other two favourites of the lot. But of course those who have see the film will have their own list .

If the reviews have not been able to lure you so far, the film is a great watch for those who love watching murder mysteries being solved detective style.

Of course the cast could be a reason onto itself for watching this film.

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