A supernatural horror that revolves around a cursed writer and a witch who is determined to keep her legacy alive.

Cast- Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, Tiphaine Daviot, Ralph Amoussou, Mireille Herbstmeyer, Pierre Aussedat

Director- Samuel Bodin

Writers- Samuel Bodin, Quoc Dang Tran


Emma is a famous author of a best selling horror series about a witch called Marianne.

When she decides to conclude the series, an old friend pays her a distress visit with a disturbing message that her mom is an obsessed fan of Emma’s series and has declared herself to be Marianne, the witch!

A shocking and disturbing event forces Emma to visit her childhood town, a town that holds a disturbing past, some painful memories and a curse.

It’s time for her to face the eerie past and find a way to change a prophecy after a shocking realisation!


The series boasts of an intriguing central premise thats a treat for supernatural lovers. The story grips you right from the word go.

The mysterious atmospherics, the eerie gloom, the bizarre behaviours and the spooky looks add up to some delicious scary moments without having to resort to typical cliches or jump scares.

Horror lovers would be able to relish some genuinely petrifying moments besides enjoying some light ones when we get a peep into Emma’s camaraderie with her childhood friends. Towards the end, when they decide to deal with the witch, the horror element turns almost like a thriller akin to dealing with a powerful baddie.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series. Highly recommended for the supernatural lovers. The story offers a perfect package of spook, intrigue, thrills and novelty value.

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