A touching tale about loyalty, love, guilt, sacrifice and redemption.

Cast – Sharib Hashmi, Sharad Kelkar, Rasika Dugal, Flora Saini

Director – Bipin Nadkarni

Writers – Bipin Nadkarni, Rakesh Jadhav

Based on – A short story “Khokababur Pratyabartan” by Rabindra Nath Tagore


Raicharan/Raichu (Hashmi) shares a special bond with Tripathi family having being taken in by Naren (Harsh Chhaya). His loyalty for the family and love for his chhote sahab Anukul knows no bounds. When the coal mine owned by the family is taken over by the government, the family shifts from the town and Raichu moves back to the village.

Years later, grown up Anukul (Sharad) invites Raichu back to be with them. Childless Raichu rediscovers his bonding and love in Anukul’s two year old son Siddhartha, his new chhote sahab.

Destiny strikes hard when Raichu ends up loosing little Siddhartha while on a stroll. The guilt of loosing a life so precious, the accusation of stealing the child turns him into a tormented and haunted man.

Watch this stirring story to know what destiny holds for Raicharan and Tripathi family.


The film boasts of a story adaptation by Rabindra Nath Tagore, a National Award winning director, an acclaimed actor like Sharib Hashmi as the central lead and a fine set of actors to lend support.

Together they give us a story that is engaging and soulfully appealing.

With a period setting and serenity of a small town set up, the film holds your attention immediately.

It takes you on stirring journey that his held together by a solid central performance.

At the same time, I feel that the screenplay and adaptation had scope of delving deeper and giving some more finer edges to the characters and nuances of the story. Though you remain invested all the time, but you keep craving for a high of emotions.

Music by Amartya Bobo Bahut gives a wonderful earthy feel and the lyrics aptly back up the visual emotional content.


One thing that stands out most in this moving film is Sharib Hashmi’s performance. His role is the meatiest and has the widest arch. And much as expected, he shines.

As the young energetic and naughty, mellowed and matured, tormented and lost, obsessed and loving, anguished and resolute, he showcases a plethora of emotions.

Rasika Dugal is worth a mention for the natural appeal that she infuses into her small role.

Sharad Kelkar and Flora Saini give their best in the confines of their small roles that had scope of some more carving by the writer.

Overall, the film is worth its short crisp duration of 90 minutes for its honest, appealing and mellow storytelling and a shining performance by Sharib Hashmi. Especially recommended for lovers of poignant cinema and Sharib fans.

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