Two Weeks Notice

Is a breezy little romantic comedy about two opposites being at loggerheads, working together and eventually falling in love. A heavy dose of humour and witty dialogues backed up by adorable performances by the two leads make up for the cliched story and make it a very pleasant watch.

Cast- Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant

Director – Marc Lawrence


Lucy(Sandra) is a clumsy, dowdy, intelligent lawyer who is passionate about conservation of environment /heritage and civil rights. George (Hugh)is a vain and womanising real estate tycoon.

Lucy loathes him but wants him to spare her neighbourhood community centre out of his lavish building plans for the area. George would hardly want anything to do with such a plain Jane but desperately needs an intelligent and prestigiously qualified lawyer to take care of his legal work.They make a deal and start to work together. She is completely exasperated with his flippant ways but he gets more and more dependent on her.

What happens when she realises that he is not about to fulfil his part of the deal ?


The best thing I loved about the film is the witty dialogues and situational humour. Plenty of chuckles there. Hugh plays this goofy act all the time that’s kind of cute and adorable. Overall it remains light and pleasant all the times.First half is better.

Some higher percentage of sizzle and the chemistry between the two would have been better though. There are no lows or negative scheming characters to give you heartburns.

It’s an average but breezy comedy that remains buoyant and is sure to bring you smiles and chuckles.

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