The Good Liar

Is a crime thriller with some twists and turns up its sleeves along with some good mind play that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Cast – Helen Mirren , Ian Mckellen, Russell Tovey

Director – Bill Condon


Roy Courtnay (Ian) and Betty (Mirren) are two happening old stagers who meet each other online and get along like fire. Betty is a wealthy widow and falls for Ian’s charm unaware that he is a shrewd and cold conman who swindles money by bogus business deals or befriending hapless people. Betty’s grandson Steven (Russell) is quite suspicious about Ray but his advise is no match for Ray’s sly ways.And Ray will leave no scope because there are millions to guzzle.


The film turns out as a good cat and mouse game where you see the mouse falling into the trap step by step. The mind games holds your attention and the performances are good that keep you impressed. I was specially wowed by Ian Mckellen though Mirren was good too. It was my first McKellen film and have seen Mirren shining brighter in “Hundred Foot Journey”.

The suspense factor(a part of which you might guess midway but there’s plenty left ), the gratifying climax and the actors make it a good watch

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