Time Crimes

Is a Spanish mystery thriller based on time travel. But what sets this one apart is its absolutely mind bending concept of “time loop”that leaves you as twisted as the story is.

Cast – Karra Elejalde , Nacho Vigalondo

Director – Nacho Vigalondo


A middle aged man, Hector ( Karra ) sees a woman in far off in jungle through his binoculars and because of her intriguing condition , is compelled to investigate. When he goes near her, he is attacked by a masked man. Trying to escape from him , he lands up hiding in a time machine of a scientist, ( Nacho )and comes out to find himself travelled back by an hour.

That’s not what is the astounding part ,but the fact that when he looks back at his home , he finds himself ( of an hour back) still at home with his wife! When he tries to get back to his home , he ends up committing a loss that he must undo .

The rest of this edge of the seat story takes you on roller coaster of part sci-fi ,part crime thriller , part mystery , part incredible weirdo loop that leaves your head spinning trying to place it in sequence.

Watch it know if the original Hector gets his life back Or for deciphering who would you consider the original one and what happens to him.

I am quite impressed with how Nacho churned out this story way back in 2007 .I am sure it must have been way ahead of its time.It might seem far- fetched at places , but no denying the fact that he churns out 1 hr 30 min of pace , mystery, twists and a supreme mind bender !

I almost had a headache trying to decipher it but I would definitely recommend to those who like solving jigsaws and watching mind benders and also those who would like to know what is the concept of “ time loop “ !!

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