A Beautiful Day in Neighbourhood

Is a biographical drama inspired by real life article by journalist Tom Junod published in Esquire about television personality and American icon Fred Rogers.

It is a beautiful and touching story of a disgruntled and almost broken person getting influenced by the gentle but impactful personality of Mr.Rogers that is practically life changing for him and kind of puts him back together.

Cast – Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Cooper

Director – Marielle Heller


Lloyd ( Rhys) is an award winning investigative journalist but infamous for his contemptuous style of writing specially about people. He is an embittered man who has a toxic bad relationship with his father .

When he gets to interview Mr.Fred Rogers, who is a multi-faceted, soft spoken and highly revered iconic personality, the experience turns life changing for him. With a gentle demeanour and his soothing but impactful personality , Fred chips away at Llyod’s shell.

The heart-warming messages that he conveys to Lloyd about love ,acceptance , compassion, dealing with anger ,dealing with past and self- control, invoked positivity in Lloyd and helped him open up, give up on past and move forward with happiness.

What was charismatic about this whole transformation wasn’t just the messages , but how they were conveyed , how the beliefs were invoked in short light conversations.

His gentle probing and prodding along with his wisdom about handling self and relationships was immensely thought provoking. At times it felt that Fred was not addressing just Rhys but you.


The makers have churned out a film that’s as impactful and as soothing as a counselling session. Performance wise, Tom Hanks wows you. His embodiment of Fred’s positive aura was amazing right from the voice quality to soothing tones and overall demeanour.

Rhys shines with his angst , bitterness and gradual transformation which seemed such a natural.

No wonder the film won numerous accolades and nominations including Academy and Golden globe for Tom’s performance and Best Screenplay.

I think this gem of a film has an incredibly soothing effect and offers a wonderful take at handling issues like negativity , anger , relationships while emphasising the need for acceptance, love and compassion.

Highly recommended . And of course for mind blowing performance by Tom Hanks.

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