The Platform

Is a Spanish sci-fi slow dark thriller with a very unusual and intriguing premise and setting that makes a scathing attack on the capitalistic, selfish, greed filled mindset plaguing humanity and society in general.

Very metaphorical and thought provoking, it is as engrossing as it is gross.But if you can withstand the harsh bit, you would see how pertinent the point is that the film is trying to make.

Cast – Ivan Massague,Zorion Eguileor

Director -Galder Gaztelu


Goreng (Ivan ) is in a prison like premises set as a vertical tower with multiple floors where in food is supplied on a platform that descends from top, filled with food, moving to bottom.The platform stops at each floor for a very limited time and the lower floors get to eat what the upper floors leave for them.Survival is a challenge for the ones on the lowest of the floors.The floors get shuffled every month and the fate of the inmate that month precariously hangs on which floor he is assigned.

Would Goreng be able to survive the ordeal amidst all the depravity and inhumanity ? Or is there a solution? After all there’s enough for everyone to survive if only inmates ate only as much as they needed !


In an extremely compelling and metaphorical narrative ,we see the horrific face of vices like inequality, injustice, apathy and avarice. Vices, that come to their extreme and ugly ends under adverse circumstances and lead to the vilest of depravities. The unfairness of the system is maddening ,the ugliness of behaviours is harsh to sensibilities at times… but it’s a mirror.

The solution is so simple ,yet so difficult to sell or implement. Is force justifiable for the ultimate betterment or convincing is more effective ?

The film probably urges for equal distribution of wealth and resources ,a more socialistic way of managing things. It also emphasises upon individual initiative as opposed to waiting for things to fall in place or blame the society and administration.

Whether you are pro socialism or pro capitalism but the film does raise a pertinent question and leaves you pondering and looking for a solution.

The mystical message of hope in a mind bending climax leaves you with thoughts and hope !


It is a very intense, slightly unnerving film with a compelling message in a very offbeat and thrilling narrative. One of the most thought provoking ones.

A recommended watch for those who with the palate for such cinema.

Reminds you of Gandhiji’s quote “ The world has enough for everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed”

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