The Devil Wears Prada

Hearing favourite songs in a loop is a heard of thing but recently when I found my all-time favourite Meryl Streep starrer on Hotstar recently , I ended up watching twice in a loop ! And I still haven’t had enough . Such is the amazing charm of this iconic film.

Two strong female protagonists ,Two Ace actresses, Performances worth dying for, break neck pace that makes it impossible for you to even blink  or you could miss a priceless expression ; razor sharp sarcasm , top class dialogues , oodles of style , superb classy humour , loads of inspiration and tons of entertainment .

Well, that’s what The Devil Wears Prada offers you.

This gem of a film starring Meryl Streep, Ana Hathaway, Stanley Tucci and Emily Brunt

directed by David Frankel is based on a book by the same name by Lauren Weisberger and is supposedly based on Anna Wintour , Editor in Chief of Vogue since 1988 till date. Interestingly Lauren was a formal personal assistant to Anna .

Miranda Priestly (Meryl ) is a powerful Editor in Chief of RunWay , the most sought after fashion journal. She is one kickass woman ,highly competent, ambitious , most sought after in her industry. She is a fiery , dreaded and demanding boss.

Ady (Ana) is a fresh graduate aspiring to be a journalist, finds fashion as vain and has no interest in the world of fashion.

The fun begins when this sloppy dresser but hard working intelligent woman gets to work for the modish ,firebrand boss. The film follows a fast paced transition of Ady’s life where in she turns trendy ,wins hearts , shines with her grit and hard work and achieves the impossible of winning Miranda’s approval and eventually admiration.

The whole while , we get to see two achievers from completely different realms and a peep into their personalities and worlds.

The film unleashes scathing sarcasm on the fashion industry and its influence on women while also bringing forth the pressures that interns and new recruits are subjected to in a highly competitive and cut throat corporate culture.

But for me ,the beauty of the film lies in its representation of two powerful women characters that might be poles apart in their ambitions and aspirations but have a similar spunk and substance and both being highly admirable in what they accomplish.

One similarity is the lop sided work life balance when one turns achiever and the personal life and image that’s the first thing that takes a strike. One has to make a choice and stand up for it. And , so admirably , both did, in their different ways.

No one in the world could have brought alive the iconic Miranda Priestly as did Meryl Streep with her soft tones , harsh demeanour , dashing gait , and elegance unequaled. One could run out of words for the for her expressions or the little gestures or those nuanced looks she gives.

Ana Hathaway pitches in an adorable performance. The humour is superb, chuckles aplenty, entertainment endless.

Go catch it up another time or if by any chance you haven’t seen this award and heart winner. You cannot be cinema lover if you aren’t a Miranda Priestly Fan !

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