Mystic River

Is a mystery drama that’s emotionally intense and goes way beyond the simple whodunnit. The present day crime might be linked to past and the emotions and scars run far and deep.

Cast – Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon , Marcia Gay Harden

Director – Clint Eastwood


The story opens to see life of three happy and naughty eleven year old boys being struck when one of them is abducted. He does manage to flee and return back but the life for the three friends is never back same again.

Years later, now married and settled ,tragedy strikes them again when the 19 yr old daughter of Jemmy (Sean Penn) is found missing.

While Sean( Kevin Bacon) is the investigating officer , Dave’s (Tim Robbins) alibi unfortunately lands him under the suspicion .

This story that’s based on a novel by the same name has been wonderfully adapted and backed up by a superb set of performances.

Shadows of the past are intense and you can see the pain, the tautness , the disturbed life and minds so clearly. But what you can’t see is how deep the darkness runs. Has the past really tinted the present or the shadows are playing with the psyche ?

The film swept a flurry of awards and nominations. Amongst the Oscar nominations that it received under six different categories , it won two – Best actor and Supporting actor by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

Highly recommended for the superb direction ,performances , story , mystery , emotions .

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