The Awakening

Is a British supernatural drama in period setting that has an excellent premise and offers some great atmospherics and performances.

Cast – Rebecca Hall, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton

Director-Nick Murphy

The story, based in 1921, revolves around Florence ( Rebecca Hall ). She is an author and a ghost hunter who exposes charlatans but she has demons of her own that keep chasing her.

She is called in for help by a boys boarding school in Clumbria that had been a private home 20 yrs ago. The school has had sightings of a ghost, a boy who died 20 yrs ago and there has apparently been a recent death of a child due to that scare.

When Florence grudgingly takes up the assignment and reaches there, she finds a grey and dubious atmosphere and not only many mysterious happenings but many fishy behaviours and people too. Its seems all characters have something beneath to hide.Catch up on this one to know what is it that Florence unearths.

The film works very well because of its spooky and mysterious atmospherics and premise. Rebecca,s performance is worth a praise. Do not want to mention anything about the climax to avoid spoiler but it would be worth a discussion in case you watch.

Definitely recommended for horror buffs.

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