Shawshank Redemption

Better late than never . I finally caught up on this iconic film after adulated recommendations from many.

This film I think is an institution in itself when it comes to motivation quotient ,life lessons and pearls of wisdom.

It’s a story of sheer grit, resilience and most important of all, hope.

Cast – Tim Robbins , Morgan Freeman

Director -Frank Darabont

Based On a book by Stephen King “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption “


Andy (Tim Robbins) is a top notch banker who is sentenced to double life imprisonment for murdering his wife and her lover. Even though he pleaded not guilty. In Shawshank prison , he turns out to be a very unconventional prisoner. Not only does he never let his grim circumstances get to him , but also uses his education and work experience to his best.

He befriends Red ( Morgan Freeman) who is basically the narrator of this story. He wins admiration of not only many fellow prisoners, but also favours of prison guards and warden. He ensures that he is always driven by motives in his dreary life and regime -whether seeking funds for prison reforms, renovating prison library or educating a fellow prisoner. He proves that one can remain positive no matter what life throws at you.

Throughout his journey of horrible lows and some respite full highs, he never gives up on one thing – Hope. His qualities like positivity , resilience , loyalty, intelligence keep him going and provide for some very interesting twists to the story.

Watch this one to know the rest of Andy’s story and what life has in store for him.


Its Frank Darabont’s maiden and no doubt ,best work. In a flawless screenplay, he takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. Beginning from a very grim, grey and harsh life of prison , you begin to feel better as you see Andy battling out his circumstances with aplomb. His little accomplishments and friendships give you much happiness , and his hope keeps you hopeful.

And this roller coaster ride is full of beautiful nuances to observe, to absorb and ponder over. The dialogues are full of memorable quotes and life lessons and all that is without getting preachy and woven in a beautiful narrative that remains positive and bright .

Performances by Tim and Morgan Freeman are top notch . Cinematography is superb.

That goes without saying that this iconic film which is amongst the top rated on IMDB is a must watch. It’s a masterpiece no doubt in all aspects. It is superbly engaging , entertaining and has so much to convey.

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