No Reservations

Is a cute and emotional story of a wonderful but uptight chef whose life goes from being only about her food, kitchen and work to someone who loves, cares, smiles and enjoys life.

Cast – Catherine Zeta Jones, Abigail Breslin, Aaron Eckart

Director – Scott Hicks


Kate is an accomplished and acclaimed chef, passionate about her work and possessive about her kitchen.But the grumpy and terse woman has no place for relationships.Not till a tragedy brings her little niece Zoe into her life. Still reeling under tumultuous emotions and the sudden change in her personal life, she also has to deal with sharing space and menu with a new rival in “her” kitchen.

Nick is the precise opposite of Kate in nature but as good in the kitchens.He soon wins everyone’s hearts including the colleagues, clients and even little Zoe, while she’s having troubles building a relationship with the little child.

Now she feels threatened. But does she need to fear or open up ?


This food film is love story with a difference. There’s a love equation Kate has with her with food and her work, there’s love that she learns to express with Zoe, there’s love that she learns to open herself to and then there’s also Erick’s love for people and happiness, and the love that he so easily earns back from everyone.

Zeta gives a very restrained and good performance as the tightly wound up Kate.Her equation and situation with Zoe was extremely moving and well portrayed. Young Abigail gives a wonderful performance and she really reaches out to you emotionally. Felt my throat ache and eyes go moist many a times. Aaron plays the adorable breezy charmer well.

The drool inducing dishes ,sauces ,their preparation and the kitchen in full swing was also a pleasure to watch.

The film is mix of culinary pleasure, light moments, moist eyed moments and a perfect happily ever after. Backed up by a fine set of actors and performances it’s a good watch.

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