Manorama Six Feet Under

Managed to catch up on this critically acclaimed old release.

It is mystery thriller that impresses you with its distinct pace, style and atmospherics. Adorned with some impressive performances, it is a very engaging film that keeps you indulged in a guessing game, and even with some revelations and twists enroute, manages to keep a surprising climax up its sleeve.

Cast- Abhay Deol, Gul Panag, Sarika, Raima Sen, Vinay Pathak

Director- Navdeep Singh (NH-10, Laal Kaptaan)


The film opens to giving us a peep into Satyajeet Randhawa’s (Abhay) life. A govt engineer by profession, a writer by aspiration and seemingly disinterested husband and father, he is coping with a setback of a flop novel, a dreary life and a nagging wife.

When a minister’s wife( Sarika) approaches him with the offer of sleuthing on her husband Rathore (Kharbanda), he agrees, for the money and probably for the challenge ,a decision that leads his life into a dark maze.

The woman it turns out is not what she claimed. Then there is an accident that he feels is a murder.And then there is a woman ( Raima) who needs his help. When he sets out on this dangerous investigation inspite of his brother in law cop Brijmohan ( Vinay) and his wife Nimmi (Gul)advising against it ,he has no clue that he’s getting muddled deeper and deeper.

The story takes on an intriguing journey with Satyajeet to see what he discovers.Is he able to crawl out of this web of lies and deceit ? And what were the lurid secrets ?


In this very impressive directorial debut, Director Navdeep Singh who later gave us NH10 and more recently Laal Kaptaan gives a riveting film with a pace of its own .In a noir style narrative ,with the backdrop of arid Rajasthan ,he gives a film with mystery and atmospherics. It might be slow at places but never loses its grip.

Always a very natural actor,Abhay Deol, is fabulous in his measured performance.

Raima Sen always manages to bring in a beautiful mixture of innocence, allure and arcaneness.Gul Panag , as the wife, manages to draw an equal amount of irritability and pity from us. Kulbushan Kharbanda is an actor who manages to impress in the smallest of the roles , in the most effortless of the ways.

The film is highly recommended for those who have a palate for mystery thrillers. And this one boasts of a very distinct narrative backed up by some great actors. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out on AmozonPrime.

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