Director-Cherag Ruparel

Writers- Vardhan- Chirag

Cast-Vardhan Puri, Shivaleeka Oberoi, Ruslaan Mumtaz

In a nutshell:

Ye Saali Ashiqui can be coined as romantic thriller drama or a revenge drama or just a thriller and that very aspect makes it an interesting and engaging watch.


The story revolves around Mithee( Shivaleeka Oberoi) and Sahil( Vardhan Puri) who study together and fall in love or at least thats what one of them believes.

But there’s more to their innocent looking appearances.One of them has some secrets and past and the other has an agenda.

The story continues with some twists and a suspense up the turn to reveal to us who is the wronged one.


The first half of the movie mainly focuses on the couple meeting each other and the graph of their relationship. At many points I felt that the pace was very lax and the build up was slow. But by intermission, the thriller angle creeps in and the twists become engaging. It’s then we realise that all the little details of their relationship and every nuance shown had some relevance that reflects in latter part of the story.

The initial build up was very relevant for etching the characters.

The Good :

The writing by Vardhan and Cherag Ruparel( director) has a freshness to the story. I would call it mildly engaging and interesting.

The suspense and thriller part was good.

The Not So Good:

I felt the screenplay could have been sharper and tighter.There were traces of improbability of situations or sub-situations at many points.The pace in the first half should have been better.The story took too long to have us hooked completely.


Vardhan looked very confident in his character that gave him a chance to portray a whole gamut of shades. At few points though, it looked he needs some revving up.

But he’s very promising.

Shivaleeka also looks bright and confident. She portrayed every bit the shade that her character needed.

Recommendation :

Overall it was a mildly engaging film that can be a one time watch for those who value stories that have freshness to them even if not too great. It’s the thriller aspect of it that stands out. Go for it if all that fits your bill.

Score 6 on 10

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