Director- Aditya Datt

Writer- Darius Yarmil, Junaid Waisi

Cast- Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Devaiah

In a nutshell:

Is an action packed thriller that relies heavily and solely on its Commando Vidyut and his command over superb action .

The Plot :

It revolves around Commando Karan Singh Dogra( Vidyut) chasing a terrorist mastermind Buraq Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah) who has planned some big time 9/11 kind of attacks on India and is settled in London.

Karan is aided by Indian Intelligence officer and colleague Bhavna Reddy( Adah Sharma), and a British Intelligence officer Mallika Sood ( Angira Dhar).

The Shortcomings:

The biggest problem with this film is its weak script.

I wish the plot that had no novelty value anyways was executed in a better way.Hunting down the mastermind, the British Intelligence angle,the abductions and most of all the implausible way they foiled the attacks ,could all have been tighter and more convincing.

Alas, just showing the calendar clicking away doesn’t make a film a clockwork thriller.

Another aspect that could have been better is the cliched way they have shown Islamic terrorism just to score some brownie points on a nationalism wave.

The Good part (Of course there is ) :

The film was technically good. The camera work by Mark Hamilton was noticeably impressive. The action and chases were well captured and so were the close ups when needed (specially of Gulshan and Vidyut).

His camera knew where to focus , how long and what to encash.

Vidyut’s reverse flips and other stunts were captured in single and longer shots that highlighted the fact they were impressively and bravely performed by him.

Though I must mention that the action choreographer could have created something even better and tougher for he had a performer like Vidyut.


Gulshan Deviah was superb in his portrayal in spite of limitations of a weak script. His tone, dialect and delivery was very impressive.The locking of his jaw, the twitch of his lips and such minor nuances were well portrayed and well captured.

He’s a pleasure to watch and deserves meatier roles.

Vidyut looked superbly in form and showcased his forte well. His action is the main USP this film has to offer.

Angira Dhir was impressive in her quiet and underplayed role. She looks promising and someone to look forward to.

Adah Sharma looked wasted with all those silly dialogues.

The Disappointment:

I really wish that Vipul Shah who has shown such conviction and belief in this franchisee would understand the need of a good script. What’s the point in building and investing so much money and efforts on a weak foundation ?When will our producers understand that scripts are the foundations? Even if it’s an action film, even if you have a good director, a good antagonist, the best action star , you still need a script Sir ! Not expected from someone who is a successful director himself.


The film could be a one time watch for hard core action buffs and good watch for Vidyut fans . He delivers, and well !

Score 5 on 10

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