Director-Debmitra Biswal

Writers- Debmitra Biswal, Sohaib Hasan, Bhupendra Singh

Cast- Nawazuddin Sidddiqui,Athiya Shetty, Vibha Chhibber, Navni Parihar

In a nutshell:

A breezy,humorous but tad slow & lengthy story about a small town misfit couple trying to fit in their ambitions and aspirations in their marriage plans.


Pushpinder Tyagi( Nawaz) is a Dubai returned 36 yr old desperate to find a wife. Ani ( Athiya) is a young ambitious girl whose main motto in life is to find an NRI husband so that she can travel abroad and post pics on social media.

After lot of rejections to and fro that both face, they end up getting married, more in desperation than in love.But just like “Pari” of Bala realises too late in marriage that the man she has married doesn’t fulfill her wishlist , Ani too faces a disastrous truth.

The rest of the story tells how they both cope up with unpleasant truths, and chaos and complications that follow.

Whats Good :

The actors and their earnest performance, the humour in dialogues,the small town set up , the authentic looking wardrobes, the music , the light and humorous tone that the film maintains throughout is what works and keeps us entertained.

A little hazy and lost in the story, but somewhere there’s a satirical take on the superficial ambitions of youngsters around marriage and the dowry and associated paraphernalia that surrounds marriages in India.

What Lacks :

Director Debmitra Biswal basically tries to encash on the current trend of small town euphoria in bollywood. But then she seemed to rely on it so much that the screenplay and story left much to be desired.

The “small town locations, costumes, dialects” thing has been done to death and cannot support the film unless backed by some more substance.

The plot, though new, is too thin for a 2 hr 20 min duration. Though it remains cute but drags laboriously slow.

The MP dialect stands out like an over enthusiastic gimmick after a certain while.


Nawazuddin gives a flawless, smooth and natural performance. He’s a pleasure to watch and the biggest reason for this film sailing through.

Athiya , surprisingly pulled off a neat performance alongside someone of Nawaz’s stature.

Vibha Chhibber as Nawaz ‘s mother Karuna Pandey as Athiya’a aunt deserve a mention.

Music and lyrics by a motley of composers and lyricists could be called very good. It seemed melodious, rustic and meaningful.


For cinema lovers , Nawaz, small town milieu, performances, breezy story, good music could be a reason to watch. It was averagely engaging.

But ,In all honesty,the film was slow and tad disappointing as per the expectations. The choosy ones to take their call.

Score 6 on 10

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