Cast- Tabu,Manoj Bajpayee, Annu Kapoor

Writer/ Director- Mukul Abhyankar

Is a suspense thriller. The plot is about a couple checking in a resort in Mauritius and their 3 yr old child going mysteriously missing.

While the mother( Tabu ) seems distraught and desperate to find her child , the father( Manoj Bajpayee) who is also a compulsive flirt, seems a little off and wants to avoid involving police. When the police start investigating, contradictions and lies fly back and forth.

The plot seemed to have a lot of potential. The lead star cast is absolutely A class and the trailers were very promising. But a shoddy execution by the writer director Mukul Abhyankar has turned the film into shambles.

Right from almost the beginning, we start getting feelers that it’s not going to turn out right. The performance, even by someone as acclaimed as Manoj is shaky. He just doesn’t seem to be comfortable in the skin of his character. Annu Kapoor as the investigating officer has the most out of place dialogues.

There are inconsistencies in behaviours and situations.

Over the top suspense is added unnecessarily to add eeriness. Were it not for such a good star cast, it would almost have seemed like a B grade movie.

MM Kreem ‘s music score ,which should ideally have been a plus point, seems to stand out at odds for the simple reason that there was no substance in the mystery that it was supposed to enhance.

While the first half is absolutely full of glitches, loopholes and weak writing and makes you want to shun the movie midway ,the second half redeems itself a bit. Some twists finally bring about some mystery and thrills . And almost in congruence with the screenplay , the performances also thankfully improve. Tabu and Monoj seem to get a grip of their roles. A very unusual climax can also be considered a part of the redeem .

But overall, the feeling was too little too late .

The movie seemed such a wastage of such fine cast and a potentially good plot.

With another good movie as an option for this weekend, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this one.

Score 5 on 10

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