Baaghi 2

Cast- Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda, Darshan KumarPrateik Babbar, Deepak Dobriyal

Director- Ahmed Khan

This action thriller brings to you a plot that comprises a damsel in distress (Disha Patani )whose daughter goes missing and a knight in shining armour (Tiger)whom she reaches out for help. There’s some suspense because no one apart from the mother of the child is ready to acknowledge her existence and of course there’s lot of action.

The movie actually begins on a promising note. A woman being brutally attacked is the opening scene and it immediately jolts you up. Tigers entry is equally impressive and welcomed by a lot of whistles and claps.

But just as the movie takes us into flashback mode, you get an idea that all is not as great as it seemed in the trailers. The peep into their past romance seemed silly & amateurish and clearly indicates lack of hold over script and direction.

Back to present life and Manoj Bajpayee ‘s entry again raises hopes and is welcomed with whistles and claps.

Likewise, there are many other capable actors who you feel could lift the sagging script and were actually responsible for raising my hopes when I saw the trailers, like Deepak Dobrial (a car dealer) ,Darshan Kumar (Shekhar) ,Prateik Babbar (Shekhar’s brother) and Randeep Hooda (an unusual ACP ). But sadly ,they have all been wasted in badly written roles with nothing to bite on except corny claptrap dialogues.

The songs are so intrusive and out of place that they really could test your patience. Flashbacks have been literally abused to just fit in any silly number anywhere. The much hyped ek-do-teen remake is really bad and ironically the worst part about the song is it’s choreography . I wonder if Ahmad Khan got so serious about his role as a director, that the choreographer in him has vanished. Jacqueline, in spite of her perfect display of chiselled muscles and physique, failed to impress.

Except for a few good sequences, the action scenes seem to lack credibility.

There seem to be too many loopholes and irritating sequences and dialogues interspersed everywhere that slacken the pace.

Speaking of performances, I think the best of them did not have roles enough to utilise their potential. It was a criminal wastage of talents like Bajpayee and Hooda. In fact Prateik , Darshan and Dobrial , all were victims of script.

The only thing positive is that the director worked best on Tiger ,utilising him most for action for we all know that acting is not his cup of tea. But alas , even the action given to him was not as great ,barring a few scenes. I couldn’t help but compare to marvellous combats and action of Commando (Vidyut) and Rocky Handsome (John).

Disha looked pretty and innocent.

The movie was not a good one. With some good direction and cohesive script, the movie could have packed a punch. But hard core action fans and Tiger fans could find a small share of their entertainment in the action scenes .

Score 5 on 10

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