Tiger Zinda Hai

Cast- Salman Khan,Katrina Kaif,Sajjad Delafrooz, Girish Karnad, Paresh Rawal, Kumud Mishra,Angad bedi

Director-Ali Abbas Zafar

Writers- Neelesh Mishra, Ali Abbas Zafar

Tiger is Back with a Bang .. and a loud bang at that!

Finally the parched cinemas and the hungry audiences get something good to bite on.

In a bombastic comeback to India’s favourite RAW agent ,Tiger goes to Iraq on a rescue mission to save Indian nurses held captive by an ISIS like terrorist outfit.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar seems to have cracked a perfect code of capitalising Salman’s charisma. In a sequel which, as per me, is better than the earlier “ Ek Tha Tiger” , he delivers a very engrossing thriller.

The movie has all the ingredients of a thriller. It has good plot (story and screenplay penned by Ali and Nilesh Misra ) comprising a rescue mission(close to the real incidence of 2014).

The story is based in middle east. The locations,t he streets ,the deserts and oil refineries act as a good backdrop. The Arabic accented sharp nosed Hindi speaking villains add a dark allure. The rescue keeps the audience on tenterhooks. The stunts keep you thrilled and Bhai keeps you charmed and in awe.

Very intelligently, Ali keeps the plot tightly bound around Salman and his able co-stars like Kumud Misra ,Angad Bedi, Paresh Rawal and few others. Each of them deliver a handsome support performance. Indian Pakistani rivalry cum camaraderie adds humour as well as emotions.

Katrina ‘s role has been thankfully side-lined and the few scenes and a superb stunt sequence that she delivered was good  enough as a part of the bigger picture.

Sajjad Delafrooz as Abu Usman is effective but not menacing enough. Couldn’t help compare him to Rasheed Naz (the main terrorist kingpin) in Baby.

Salman does what he’s best at and that is ,charming the audience with his larger than life charisma and Salman-ism.

It’s only in a Salman movie when those few high octane scenes ( let’s keep the logic aside for a change) make you confess to yourself that sometimes those whistles and claps in the cinema make it worth the while to watch the logic defying, larger than life cinema called Bollywood.

Background score by Julius Packiam is as good as his earlier filmography ( Bajrangi Bhaijaan , Sultan and other Salman starrers)

Vishal Shekar’s Swag se Swagat in the closing credits is very foot tapping and with great choreography by Vaibhavi ,its worth a watch. Do not rush to move out of the cinema without watching this one.

A word for all those ladies whose heart beats for Salman. He’s looking extremely good with all that bearded look. Something’s good about this looking your age trend. First Shahrukh in Harry met Sejal ,Dear Zindagi and now Salman.

Overall it’s a very entertaining fare with all those chases, rescues, guns blazing,

great action and a lot of Salman.

Score 8 on 10

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