Fukrey Returns

Cast- Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Ali Fazal, Manjot Singh, Priya Anand, Richa Chaddha, Vishakha Singh, Pankaj Tripathi, Ashraful Haque

Director- Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

Writers-Vipul Vig, Mrighdeep singh Lamba

The Four Fukreys are back to entertain you in this comedy entertainer with their antics, adventures and lots of senseless situations and humour.

The opening credits give you a brief overview of the earlier Fukrey and film opens with the story continuing after a one year leap.

The FFs ( Pulkit Samrat , Varun Sharma , Manjot Singh and Ali Faizal ), along with their fifth counterpart Pandit ji (Pankaj Tripathi) again get embroiled in a Ponzi scheme, this time upon Bholi Punjaban ‘s (Richa Chaddha ) insistence,who is out of prison after a one year term. She needs money to pay a scheming politician and hence needs the FFs while the politician too needs them for his political scheming.

It seems like a proper sequel with most of the main characters and actors retained. While there’s no novelty value to the story as the film maker retains mostly similar situations and gags , somehow you would end up with lot of laugh out aloud moments even though they are mostly slapstick types.

Be prepared for lot many butt and toilet jokes and quite a few yuck moments. The silver lining though is that you might still end up laughing albeit with a wrinkled up nose.

Well, once in a while, there’s no harm in having fun ,keeping the guilt and judgments aside.

Performance wise , the four actors deliver their usual. Nothing too great but quite enough to maintain the natural charm of their characters.

Richa Chaddha was her usual flamboyant self .

The one who stands out is Pankaj Tripathi. That actor is simply awesome in whatever role he plays .With his very unique straight faced style, his style of humour stands out. He brightens the movie and our faces the moment he joins the plot.

The music is good just as it was in earlier one. The mehbooba remix is a great foot tapper and so is Peh Gaya Khalaara in closing credits.

Overall, this one could be graded as a good mindless entertainer. It gives you lot of giggle and laughter moments. Keeps you entertained and engaged. They ensure that you leave the theatre smiling.

If you are Fukrey fan,Or if you can enjoy comedies without being too judgemental Or If you think it’s alright to revel in guilty pleasure of mindless humour, then this a good watch.

Score 6 on 10

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