Cast- Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy

Director- Sanjay Gupta

Writer- Vijay Kumar Mishra

Kaabil can easily be termed as the perfect revenge story !

It might be a typical revenge plot but the treatment is what makes the difference.

It takes us on roller coaster of emotions that begin right within the first few minutes.

Beautiful pristine faces of the lead couple clearly depicting innocence and purity. Life without vision, yet so beautiful ,perfect and full of love.

Then comes the lecherous ugliness that mars their world.

And then the perfect revenge .

The direction and screenplay, the awesome performances , the cinematography and music , all come together to give us this beautiful movie.

Hrithik is for sure an actor who loves challenges and does lots of homework for his roles. His portrayal of a blind man clearly shows that, not only from his expressions but right down to hand and finger movements. When he emotes , he makes you feel happy, jubilant, sad, pained right along with the character. The helplessness and frustration that he builds up through his character cuts you through.

Yami Gautam gives good support.

Rohit Roy as baddie is pretty menacing though he’s been better (in Guddu Rangeela ) .Girish Kulkarni (the Dangal coach) and Narendra Jha are good as bad cops. Narendra Jha(Mousa from Raees ) ,I feel needs more bite-full roles to show his potential.

The cinematography was good and used colours of the frames to build the right moods.

Music was good if not too awesome . Bon amour song and its dance just floors you .

The title song is well used to rev up emotions in its normal and slow versions.

The story is well written and the writer clearly knows what he’s doing to the audience. Enough angst and loathing was built up before proceeding to the spiteful revenge part. Even though the revenge was pre-empted ,the modus operandi was not. It was with bated breath that I waited for each baddie to be baited since our protagonist is visually impaired. But enough logic has been used to show his weakness used as his strength.

Along with Hrithik’s performance ,Sanjay Gupta uses his forte of making thrillers to give us an engrossing movie.

As I have said earlier ,not having watched similar Hollywood movies is a boon and having watched it with a clean slate without too much nit picking , I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Score 8 on 10

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