Jolly LLB2

Cast- Akshay Kumar, Saurabh Shukla, Huma Qureshi, Annu Kapoor

Director- Subhash Kapoor

Writer- Subhash Kapoor

It’s quite a rarity to see a sequel/franchisee doing as well as the original.

This one is one of those rare cases although the original holds a special place in my heart.

Almost like the original, this is also story of an easy going lawyer who ends up taking up cudgels for justice, with full on  the desi flavour, the plot is based in Lucknow and the protagonist is a desi pan chewing Kanpuria.

Subhash Kapoor has done full justice to the story, screen play and direction. This one is more dramatized with more masala and dialogues as compared to the earlier one which was more rustic and realistic in feel.

It has a perfect start with lots of humour and Akshay with his full on charisma. Gradually the movie takes a turn for serious drama but dialogues and Saurabh Shukla maintain the sprinkling of humour in the lengthy courtroom drama.

Somewhere in between we could feel the sags and loopholes. Songs were quite out of place but overall it kept us engaged.

Akshay throws his weight behind the script and it was a pleasure to watch the new Jolly.

The support cast is a virtual treat with veteran actors like Ram Gopal Bajaj (Rizvi),VM Badola (Akshay’s Dad), Kumud Mishra(the bad cop), Annu Kapoor, Sunil Kumar Palwal( the J&K cop)and most important of all Saurabh Shukla. He is almost the main lead considering the whistles and the claps he got from the audience at his entry scene and also considering that the franchisee would have been incomplete without him. It was quite a surprise to me that the majority of audience remembered Justice Tripathi from the original.

It was important to mention the names of the cast as they play a major role in making this drama a worth watch.

Huma Qureshi as the feisty wife makes her mark in her small role. The lovely gender equation that the couple share was a pleasure to watch.

On the whole, the film gives a satisfactory blend of humour, emotions, court room drama, dialogue baazi and some good performances. Add Akshay ,and I think it’s a good deal.

Score 7 on 10.

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