Tamasha (2015)

Cast – Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra, Javed Sheikh

Writer/Director – Imitiaz Ali

Not every movie with a message and meaning can be engrossing.

It’s a tough job for a film maker to balance so many things… churn out something new, have a meaningful theme, have a good story, quality screenplay… and at the same time keep it interesting!

Imtiaz Ali has a good record no doubt but he faltered on the last point in the above list .

A 3 idiots kind of a theme urging us to to go as per our heart and soul instead of running in a rat race is woven well into a love story with a twist.

What’s real… our inner self, the child in us or the one who runs our life?

It also makes us ponder whether chemistry that blossoms in prefect locations away from the everyday life can survive the mundaneness and pressures of daily life.

Ranbir plays the complex character well. He’s already proved his mettle in Rockstar, Rajneeti and Bombay Velvet as far as difficult roles are concerned.

Deepika is good too, in a role which is like a second skin to her… of a modern, urban, educated, independent woman of today. She looks beautiful.

Music is good too. Has an Imtiaz Ali kind of feel.

 Locations are picturesque and beautiful. You would want to book the next vacation to Corsica. Cinematography is outstanding.

It’s a movie that cannot be written away, is very character based, deep but definitely not engrossing.

One has to stand by the film maker’s vision to be able to like this one . And after all we have Ranbir and Deepika too.

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