Phantom (2015)

Cast – Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Mir Sarwar, J. Brandon Hill

Director – Kabir Khan

Writer – Kabir Khan, Kausar Munir

Kabir Khan for sure had exhausted all his energies and capabilities with Bajrangi Bhaijaan… for there’s no other reason for him to dish out such a dud after such a super-duper hit and a pretty decent track record.

In spite of such a potentially good plot, the story is so boring, the screenplay so loose, sequences with gaping loopholes, transitions so abrupt and the dialogues so flat.

The lesser said about performances, the better. I wonder how the likes of Katrina not only survive but manage to be in top slots. Nothing but a pretty face, she often mars the characters too (not that this one had any potential anyways) .Saif unfortunately is a big disappointment too .

Except for a little bit of anxiety in a certain part of the plot , it just fails to evoke any emotions … no thrills , no fear , no emotional connect .. forget patriotism .

This one was flatter than flat .

We do wish the story was true … but this was too much of a fantasy for our palate .

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