Laal Rang (2016)

Cast – Randeep Hooda, Akshay Oberoi, Rajneesh Duggal, Pia Bajpai

Director – Syed Ahmad Afzal

Writers – Syed Ahmad Afzal, Pankaj Matta

The story is based in Haryana and is about certain characters who are a part of the blood theft nexus. The story brings before us the dirty and scary picture of how these cartels operate but the issue is not core enough in the movie. The pace and focus are definitely not that of a crime drama or thriller. I would rather call it an engaging drama about friendship, loyalty, betrayal and redemption.

The highest, biggest and the best point about this movie is undoubtedly Randeep Hooda. He’s an actor whose impressive body of work and selection of roles has created a niche for himself. He unfailing delivers each time and his brilliant performance for sure is the highlight of the movie.

The story never moves away from his central character who has a very endearing quality about him and is played to the hilt by Hooda who is so perfect and convincing with his Haryanvi accent and diction. He brings to life every frame he’s in right from the first scene.

Akshay Oberoi supports him with a convincing performance. There are some other actors like Rajender Sethi who are noticeable too. Pia Bajpai’s desi English accent though seemed very forced.

The writers have done a pretty good job at dialogues . For those who have a thing for Haryanvi sense of humour and pun, there are ample dialogues to create a laugh riot.

There is drama for sure but not the gritty types like a crime thriller. The movie does not have the pace but is engaging and entertaining enough.

It could have been deeper and harder hitting had it focused more on nexus issue. Some might find it as waste of potential hard hitting plot or detour from the core theme but I think the director consciously focused more on the relationship part.

Duration though would have been better had it been a little shorter than this.

To be honest, I did not go for the film expecting it to be a crime thriller and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Must Watch for Randeep Fans.

Would rate it 7 on 10.

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