Katti Batti (2015)

Cast – Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Vivan Bhatena

Director – Nikkhil Advani

Writer – Anshul Singhal, Nikkhil Advani

It’s a record of sorts for a director to deliver two duds consecutively for two weeks.

Haven’t watched Hero last week but I am pretty sure this disaster would make it look better.

In fact if you have seen anything bad in the last one year, watch this one to make it look better.

Such a boring old story, horrible treatment, absolutely senseless script, shoddy dialogues, bad music, such caricature like characters, silly stupid attempts at humour and failed ones even on serious notes.

Watch Imran for the umpteenth time running behind girlfriends who are commitment phobic independent women (remember Break Ke Baad with Deepika and Ek Mai Aur Ek Tu with Kareena)

Everything was soooo bad that even poor Kangana fails (not that she was given much to bite on considering her potential).

It’s a bad phase for last 2-3 weeks and you might be aching to catch up on something good and get tempted by the interesting lead cast… but please avoid this one at all costs!!!

It’s incredibly bad and could literally drive you mad!!!!

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