Roy (2015)

Cast– Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandes, Ranbir Kapoor

Director– Vikramjit Singh

Writer– Vikramjit Singh

It’s a season of slow paced movies I guess . And industry desperately needs some good editors .

But this one is a new format altogether . A very  new and experimental style of storytelling which moves at a luxurious pace . It has a sense of mystery and you keep trying to guess the riddle . Arjun’s performance stands out and Jacqueline’s looks , styling and accessorising . The art direction is great . Beautiful sets , locations , costumes .

Do not expect too much of Ranbir though he did good to whatever role he had . The movie is not a mystery on robbery . And it is definitely not for those who can’t stand slow ones . And yes …the mystery kind of remains till the end …

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