Badlapur (2015)

Cast– Varun Dhawan, Radhika Apte, Vinay, Huma Qureshi

Director– Sriram Raghavan

Writer – Massimo Carlotto

Sriram Raghavan delivers with a punch .

This one is thumbs up on all fronts – a revenge story with a twist , a different treatment , superb screenplay , befitting performances , good music .

The movie jolts you emotionally right at the start . Do not sit with popcorn pepsi before the start of the movie . Keep a handkerchief handy .

Its a treat to watch Varun enact an emotionally distraught man .. someone who’s so far done all chocolate mush mush romances or romcoms . Nawazuddin plays the character to the hilt .

The layered unpredictable story keeps you guessing . Morbid humour here and there amidst all the heavy stuff has been handled well .

Slightly slow second half and overall an emotionally heavy one but a must watch as per me … for three heroes – Sriram Raghavan , Varun and Nawazuddin .

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