Drishyam (2015)

Cast– Ajay Devgan, Shriya Saran, Tabu, Ishita Dutta, Rajat Kapoor,Kamlesh Sawant

Director– Nishikant Kamat

Writer– Upendra Sidhaye

This one is interesting, different and gripping .

The plot seems new (for bollywood atleast) ,though not flawless .It seemed gripping ,though not completely credible . But it does manage to create some interesting visuals ( Drishya ) .. or rather story , in spite of the glitches.

The story is pretty sluggish in the first half , too much of build-up that could have been done away with . But silver lining is that it added to the anxiety as to what’s going to go wrong. For that reason, it’s better to go completely unaware of the story. The anticipation adds to the experience. Avoid reading reviews that give away the plot even by an iota . Thrill and suspense is all that is . The chase keeps you on the edge till the end. I think this qualifies it as a good thriller.

The second half is pretty gripping and picks up pace the moment Tabu joins .

She’s simply superb . Her act as a hardened cop is flawless . The coldness and ruthlessness portrayed purely by her expressions is just perfect, neither more nor less than required. Such subtle and natural performances keep her a league apart. This was a treat after a long time ( Cheeni Kum ) .

This one wouldn’t have the swaying effect of a blockbuster. But it’s worth a watch.

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