Gumraah Review: Absolutely Engrossing Suspense Thriller even if not perfect !

Gumraah (2023/ Suspense Thriller/ Cinemas)

Director – Vardhan Ketkar

Cast – Aditya Roy Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Ronit Roy

Gumraah is a thriller that centres around a murder, two suspects and a mind bending investigation to nail the culprit.

When the suspects are being played by an actor you so admire, that definitely adds to your experience. And when the investigator is played by an actor you love, it is an added bonus even though the character has a negative tone. 

The story hits the ground running, wastes no time and there’s a lot that happens right in the first 30 minutes.The pace impressed me and the proceeding kept me totally engrossed. My mind had started my own investigative guesses.

When the film takes an arc towards the back stories, I felt a slight lag but that could have been as I wanted to get back to the present day which seemed more exciting. I understand that they needed to create a build up for the characters but there was something that could have been better.

Anyways, the story comes back to the investigation soon and I was happy and smitten with the twister.

The only reason the film chips away its brownie points ,is what I may call joining the dots. That’s a scenario that I have observed earlier too with average suspense thrillers. They are good at a build up and create mind bending situations and tussles which obviously the audience love getting embroiled in. But it’s easier to create difficult situations in stories, more difficult to create satisfactory explanations for what transpired. 

The film even though cannot be categorised as a great but ticks quite a many boxes for me and possibly for many of you.I quite enjoyed watching it despite some of its flaws. Of course some points as mentioned above may have been factors effecting my positive opinion.

Speaking of performances, 

Aditya Roy Kapur holds out very well in a double role. I wouldn’t say he has been able to chisel out vastly different personas but as always he wears his characters well, whether as a charming lover boy or intense one. He practically carries the film on his shoulders.I wish to see more of him in good roles that elevate the actor in him. 

Was very happy to see Ronit Roy. The man is good at whatever he does though the film has not been able to utilise his potential.

Was quite disappointed with Mrunal Thakur’s performance which I found  very flat toned through out. In a zest to project a diligent investigator, she keeps a stern face on most of the times which seemed out of place at times.

The overall package that the film offers is not a bad deal. It has emotions, a bit of romance, a lot of suspense, drama and thrills, and you have a hottie playing the lead in a double role. I think it’s definitely a good one time watch for you if any of the above factors appeal to you.

Score 2.5 on 5 

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