Engrossing Turkish Tale about Myth and Mystique !

Shahmaran (Turkish Series/ Netflix/ Fantasy Drama )

Shahmaran is a mythical creature, popular in Turkish Folklores, a powerful ‘half snake half woman’, who sacrificed herself for love.

It’s a Persian word where in Shah means King and  Maran means snake.

Cast – Serenay Sarikaya, Burak Deniz, Mustafa Ugurlu, Mahir Gunsiray, Berfu Halisdemir, Nilay Erdonmez, Nil Sude Albayrak


Upon her mother’s death, Shahsu arrives in Adana to confront her grandfather Davut, whom she has never met before. 

While she gets no answers from Davut, she meets a man Maran there.

There’s sizzling chemistry that both of them are resisting.

There’s a prophecy that he is denying.

There’s a lurking danger that she is unaware of.

There are baffling occurrences and behaviours that leave her stumped and scrambling for answers and love…


If folk lore, myths, romance, suspense, fantasy and drama seem alluring to you , then this Turkish series of 8 episodes is something that you could probably enjoy.

It is set in present times but has an air of delicious mystique and intrigue around it.

The setting is an offbeat place and you get to soak in a different culture and lifestyle. 

Most scenes are set in lush green surrounds with rustic places and the prominent sounds of crickets or just swishing winds surround your senses. I just loved the effect.

 It has a great background score , which uses minimal effects to add to the almost scary feel at times. But don’t worry, there is no horror element. Just great atmospherics, lending superb mystifying feel. 

Our heroine looks super gorgeous and her character gradually and beautifully carves out as the story proceeds.

Her loneliness, psychological issues, resilience, the pain of her past, the antagonism surrounding her, her quest to know the truth, the danger lurking around her, makes you feel for her. I liked the way the character makes a place in our hearts.

I loved the lead actress and also the ones that play Maran’s three sisters. They are adorable.

Amongst men , more than the lead actor, I found the actor playing Cihan more expressive.

The only drawback that the series suffers from is slow pace. They could easily have winded things up in 6 episodes at the max. But those who have a penchant for slow burn wouldn’t mind it. Interesting characters and places would keep you sufficiently occupied.

The climax makes way for the second season and I would certainly be looking forward to the outcome of Shahmaran’s legend and also to see the destiny of Shahsu and Maran’s love story.

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