A True Blue Masala Action Thriller ! Yoohooo !

An Action Hero ( 2022/ Action Thriller/ Cinema Release)

Writers – Anirudh Iyer, Neeraj Yadav

Director- Anirudh Iyer

Cast – Ayushmann Khurrana, Jaideep Ahlawat 

“Thand Pae Gayi Kaleje wich” …Sigh !

Is the phrase that echoed in my mind when I walked out of the theatre as a  happy and satiated Bollywood Lover.

The promising trailer had risen my expectations but the past Bollywood records whispered to me to reign them in. But I am soooo glad the film surpassed those.

The first thing that needs to be appreciated is the story and screenplay( Anirudh Iyer and Neeraj Yadav). The script, that is the real hero in any film(which unfortunately had been floundering in many a high and mighty films in the past),is a clear winner in this case.

The story has a novelty factor and maintains a certain degree of intrigue. The dialogues are great with subtle humour. Jaideep Ahlawat’s dialogues with pitch perfect Haryanvi accent (after all, a Jaat can never go wrong with his dialect) laced with unique Jaat humour are an entity in themselves that needs a special mention.The pace is relentless. Not a single instance where you feel the story lagging. I didn’t get a single opportunity to fiddle with my phone through out. In my case this had become quite a rarity with the current crop of Bollywood fares ( and this comes from someone who once upon a time considered fiddling with phone a sin during a film in cinema) 

The background score by Sunny MR is jazzy and stylish. It enhanced the feel and effect.

Ayushmann Khurrana delivers a refreshingly different character with aplomb. It felt great to hear him without any of those desi dialects  for a change. He dons brawny, rugged,stylish and dapper avatars through the length of the film much to our pleasure.

To be honest, Jaideep Ahlawat was the biggest reason for me to be excited about this film.  He has never failed to wow me whether in positive roles like  Raazi or Pataal Lok or negative roles like Commando or Khattha Meetha. This time his character walks a tight rope between the two and he nails it totally. Most times terrorising , at times funny and at times you are grappling with sympathy that his character doesn’t deserve. I think it must have been a challenge to make the audience feel that plethora of emotions and he aces it.

The crackling chemistry between the protagonist and the antagonist is the highlight of the film and the two actors enliven it for you every time they spar with each other, whether with their action or dialogues.

Plenty of thrills, action, chuckling moments and even startling moments that left me with a thumping heart … 

An absolutely gripping crisp length of 2 course 10 min. 

Anirudh Iyer delivers a complete winner in his directorial debut and I can’t thank him enough for reviving my faith and hopes as far as masala genres go in Bollywood. 

For those who love Bollywood Masala in all its glory, go for it. You can’t miss this one. 

Score 4 on 5 

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