Infidelity, hatred ,murder and twists is a good mix for a thriller !

Loving Adults(Danish/ Thriller/ Netflix)

Director- Barbara Rothenborg 

Cast- Sonja Richter, Dar Salim, Sus Wilkins, Mikael Birkkjaer

The film starts with pearls like 

“Almost all murders have something to do with love”

and ends with

“Love is more dangerous than its reputation“ 

These are the words of an investigator talking about one of his cases that still haunts him.

A case that begins with a wife discovering that her husband is cheating on her and then goes on to get complex beyond imagination.

The husband is desperate for the new life and the wife wants to hold on to her old life.

This thriller offers a deadly mix of infidelity, passion, blackmail, hatred, revenge and murder .

When the story gets rolling, the very first scene is a crucial one and then we see the backstory in a flashback.

That led me to wonder, if the revelation is where the film starts, where is it going to lead us ?

Well…. The answer to this comes after many a twists and turns, one of which was majorly unexpected.

The narrative style adds a lot to the suspense. Performances grow on you and out of the two central leads, I found Sonja ’s performance very layered and apt.

Towards the climax, as we proceed through the twists, you might find a couple of loopholes that require some amount of suspension of disbelief as far as the criminal investigation goes.

Now you have choice there. Either you nit pick and let it mar your experience or just take it in your stride and enjoy the thrilling ride. I opted for the latter.

The film might not boast of a water tight investigation but with its suspense factor, unexpected twists, setting, performances , pace and crisp run of 1 hr 45 min, is a good one time watch for thriller lovers.

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