This Thriller has a “Killer” Message 

Chup (2022/ Crime Thriller/ Cinema Release)

Director- R Balki

Cast – Dulquer Salmaan, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Sunny Deol, Pooja Bhatt


In a spate of ghastly murders, film critics are being killed in macabre manner. 

The serial killer out there not only has a grouse but a message too.

The film opens to a murder and then introduces us to the three protagonists. 

An investigator ( Sunny who looks great in the grim avatar)

A florist always talking to himself (Dulquer who looks absolutely hot)

An entertainment journalist who is passionate about cinema & aims to be a critic some day(Shreya who looks absolutely charming) 

Trust Balki to always come up with unique story lines.As someone who always tries to write honest reviews while holding a soft corner for makers’ perspective (with exceptions though),the theme comes as close to the heart as possible.

The most impressive aspect about Chup is its central premise, almost like a parody on the critic- film industry bond. Both need each other but have a complex relationship. The way the concept has been woven into a thriller is what the film deserves accolades for.

Some of the pearls in the film about trade analysis, box office numbers, good critiquing and its relevance to cinema, touch a chord. They really resonated with me.

Fair enough if one does not like a film but to bash it with heartless words just so that the review stands out is something I have found difficult and unethical. 

As far as the thriller track goes, there is an intrigue factor that remains through out and is especially high in the first half. Be prepared that the killings are a tad grotesque.

The suspense build around the murderer does not amount to much. There are enough hints so no need to pat your back if you get it right.But they do have means to hook you right till the end.

The tribute to Guru Dutt Ji and Kagaz ke Phool is really touching. It’s melodious timeless track adorns the entire film beautifully.

Dulquer looks superb and blends into his complex role effortlessly. Have seen him in two more films before this and I must conclude that this man, the way he wears his characters, he has a hot charm about him. 

Shreya Dhanwanthary looks gorgeous and gives a natural charm to her character.

Loved Sunny Deol in the grim and subdued performance.

The film is not without flaws though.There are parts that seem slow but that was a build up I guess.The investigative part could have been better. There are loopholes and tropes not expected from a Balki film. The climax was not very impressive either.

But the film is worth its salt and worth a watch. 

Entertainment with good performances and a solid message.

For the audience,to try and view the film from a makers perspective.

For film makers, to have confidence in their work and take criticism in the right perspective.

And most importantly for the  “critics“, to be fair and honest about good and bad films, and especially to be mindful of their words.They should see their outreach as a responsibility rather than advantage. 

Score 3 on 5 (plus .5 for its message) 

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