Stirring, Subtle & Emotional ! 

The Fall Out( 2022/Drama / Prime Video)

Director/ Writer- Megan Park

Cast- Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler

Few weeks back, saw this beautiful film about two teenagers coping with an unwanted pregnancy   armed with resilience and grit and bound by their camaraderie.

And this teen drama also revolves around two girls , bound together in their angst and anxiety in the aftermath of a horrific shooting they survived.

Vada and Mia are two typical teenagers who have very little in common when they happen to meet in the school washroom. 

But the events that unfold immediately after, leads to a trauma they share and cope up together.

We have often felt anguish and horror about the mass shooting incidents in the US and I still remember the jolt of a very recent one.

This heart stirring film of about 90 min portrays the emotional and pyschological turmoil of two survivors in a  storytelling that is sensitive, sans melodrama ,crisp without compromising, remains focused on its central characters ,gives a close view of their trauma and spirit. The narrative effortlessly conveys their pain & loneliness, the reprieve and comfort  they  find in each other’s company, their refusal to share their vulnerability and fears to the world, their heart warming boisterous bursts, their cute conversations.

They fear and fumble with their emotions. But what is heartening is they hold out .. well almost. 

Mia is an independent stylish rich girl with a lonely life and travelling parents. Some very subtle moments portray her loneliness and bravura that pull at your heart.

Vada is casual and cute , has a close & caring family, a best friend and an adorable relationship with her younger sister. Through out the story, I held on with a moved heart but two scenes with her dad and her sister are extremely moving and moved me to tears . 

This emotional drama is beautiful and poignant ;Overwhelming and subtle; a gem that is a must watch for lovers of this genre. 

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