Charming little film that whets your appetite for food and travel !

Toscana ( Netflix /2022 /Danish/ Breezy Drama)

Director- Mehdi Avaz

Cast -Anders Matthesen, Cristiana Dell’Anna ,Andrea Bosca

Michelan Star Chef Theo is a grumpy and ambitious man, desperately looking for investment for his new restaurant.

Angry about his past, when he travels to Italy with a plan to sell his father’s legacy ,a restaurant, that he has inherited, it turns out a life changing experience for him. It changes the way he looked at his past and future.

Well.. that sounds like a predictable premise. Isn’t it ? Would remind you of some or the other films. 

But when I saw its promo, I fell in love with it. A food film plus a travel film plus a breezy feel to it, looked like a good watch.

The film opens to give us a peep into the kitchen of hot shot luxury dining city restaurant. And then takes us to breath takingly beautiful small town of Italy. The small town premise, its charming little, almost dilapidating restaurant , the characters, their meet cute encounters, the ensuing dynamics , all provide for a pleasurable watch. The visit to the cheese warehouse, the cooking , the recipes, the planning of the banquet etc were small elements that add charm.

There are aspects that could deem it a food film, though I had wished for more. The stories says light and predictable but engaging through out. There were times when I felt that screenplay and writing could have been better and there was some amateurish feel to it. The relationship drama brings an emotional angle to the story but couldn’t provide much heft.The chemistry between the leads hardly sizzles, least of all convince us.

But there is a certain comforting and charming feel to the film. The location, the culture, the food , the light graph of the story ,together give it a miniature travel and food film 

If you are in a mood for a short breezy watch , without high expectations, and you love the above mentioned category of films, you could this one a go.

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