“A heartwarming story and laudable performances that are a pleasure to watch”

Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd (Zee5 Series/2022/ Comedy/ Drama)

Writers-Abhishek Shrivastav, Swarnadeep Biswas

Director- Apoorv Singh Karki

Cast-Amruta Subhash, Yamini Das, Anjana Sukhani, Anup Soni, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Manu Bisht, Nikhil Chawla.


The story centres around a woman, recently divorced, who is trying to get a foothold financially and emotionally. She fumbles, falls but eventually stands tall !


What drew me to this series was the fantastic combination of two lead casts who happen to be  favourites of mine. Amruta Subhash and Yamini Das ,who have always delivered admirable performances,not only rule the frames of this show but your hearts too.

This is the first TVF show that I have watched and now I totally understand the love and follower ship that their shows have enjoyed.In accord with their USP, it’s a story that is slice of life, simple,gentle, earthy, heart warming, entertaining ,inspiring and touches all the right emotional chords.

The beauty of the story lies in its simplicity and the way it layers up soft emotions and humour in a way that one moment you might be teary eyed and the next, you might be chuckling with eyes still moist.

Thankfully ,there are no villains or negative characters to enhance your woes; just life, jumbled relationships and challenging circumstances being the main culprits.The best part is that all of this is wrapped up in a light package. 

I am mighty impressed with Director Apoorv Karki Singh and the way he delivers the story keeping it a perfect mix of light moments, endearing moments and overwhelming moments. The writers deserve a big credit for the way the characters  and the relationships have been sketched out. Your heart goes out for each one of them. The dialogues are amazing mix of humour and thought provoking gems about life and relationships.Their colloqual lingo adds tang to the humour.

You may find things simplistic and made too easy at certain points but by then you are too much in love with the story and willingly take it in your stride.


Amruta Subhash bowls you over with brilliance and beauty with which she plays the different facets of her character. Naive ,uneducated woman ,a doting mother, a broken and hurt wife ,fumbling confused enterpreneur .There is a charm abut her childish enthusiasm and an admirable grit and resilience too. Her fears and intense pain sears your heart.

Have been a huge fan of Yamini Das ever since Sui Dhaga. Just love the natural and real touch that she adds to her characters , as if she has just walked into the screen from real life.Her comic timing, diction and dialogue delivery is so cute ,you feel like giving her a hug.

Their chemistry together is superb and adorable to the core.

Anup Soni, in a very subdued portrayal, plays well as the man torn between morals, guilt and genuine love.

Anjana Sukhani needs to be lauded too. I think it’s a feat to be able to portray the complex feelings of a conscentious second wife bearing the weight of guilt and efforts to win over relationships.

The rest of the cast add good support and value.

The music and lyrics are beautiful, in sync with the story and  bring to fore the underlying emotions of the scenes. 


The series is an amazing mix of light hearted humour as well as thought provoking gems on life.

It brings on plenty of chuckles as well as onslaught of tears( Those like me, who watch with the heart up their sleeve, please keep tissues handy).

It carries a very relevant message without getting too preachy.

It is an inspiring and entertaining watch with praiseworthy performances.

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