“For the horror fans who are constantly on a lookout for something different! “

Autopsy Of Jane Doe( 2016, Horror, English)

Director- Andre Ovredal

Cast -Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond


Austen and Tommy Tiden , a father-son duo are small town coroners, happily and “mechanically” doing their job.

One night, they receive a corpse from a mysterious crime scene.

Its autopsy turns out to be extremely mind boggling and science defying. 

Would they be able to decipher the mystery before it is too late ?


Being a horror buff is extremely challenging. The more you watch, the less scared you are and the more you crave for something exciting and different.

This film, at least for the major part of its duration, defies the usual horror tropes and provides for a very exciting and suspenseful watch. The mystery around the body, the technicalities of its dissection, the tinge of period myths and mystery associated with it , made it seem like a jigsaw puzzle, albeit a morbid one. The atmospherics and the foreboding feel are the only elements feeding the fear quotient.

And that is what sets apart this horror.

The last leg/ the final act does submit to the usual tropes but by that time , the film has already done its bit for you.

Brian Cox is fantastic as the senior Tiden. His performance added so much creditibility to this horror drama. Emile Hirsch was good . But I think the toughest part was for Ophelia to be playing the corpse.


The film boasts of an engaging and exciting story in the horror genre. Definitely recommended for the buffs like me, forever on a look out.


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