Dasvi Review: The three leads deserve all credit for this cute little entertainer!

Dasvi (2022/ Social Comedy/ Netflix)

Director – Tushar Jalota

Writer – Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair, Sandeep Layzell

Cast – Abhishek Bachhan, Yami Gautam, Nimrat Kaur, Manu Rishi


Gangaram Choudhary is an unsophisticated uneducated desi politician who lands up in jail for a corruption case. 

Jyoti Deswal is a no nonsense IPS officer who cares two hoots for his clout.

Their altercations make way for many changes in Choudhary’s life, some good, some bad.


The first fifteen minutes into the film and my mind confirmed two things to me.

First – I was going to be treated to an adorable and all consuming performance by Abhishek Bachhan.

Second – I should be calibrating my expectations as far the writing goes.

The initial start of the film seemed quite disappointing because of its similarity to the Lalu-Rabri story and the Huma Qureshi series Maharani. But gradually and thankfully the focus shifts to Abhishek and his shenanigans in jail.

As always, Abhishek gives his best shot. His lingo seemed quite in place and his comic timing worked well. His Choudhary is so adorable and make us root for him even when he behaves abominably.

I would say he successfully manages to carry the film on his shoulder and ensures that all your focus remains on him even when the mediocre writing and over simplified situations let down the screenplay. I know he gets steady adulation . But I just wish and pray that he gets the kind of scripts and success he deserves. 

He is ably supported by Nimrat Kaur and Yami Gautam.

Even though her character begins with so many similarities to Maharani, Nimrat gradually finds her footing and we do get glimpses of the fine actor she is in some of the scenes, which make you crave for her in meatier roles. 

Yami Gautam looks beautiful and does a fine job of playing Deswal. She’s gradually and steadily making her presence felt in the industry.

A special mention for Arun Kushwah in the role of Ghanti. He was a pleasure to watch.

Together the three lead stars ensure that we are engaged and often smiling even though the back of our mind keeps craving for something more substantial in terms of writing, situations and dialogues.

Gradually by the second half, your expectations have atuned and the story picks up slight place and we began to quite enjoy the film. The climax about the inherent goodness winning  and positive change brought in by education makes for a perfect ending.

I feel Tushar Jalota has done a fine job at direction.With some more back up of writing, he would have done wonders.

The film is a clean and light entertainer with a nice message.

Do not expect too much substance or nuances in writing but the three stars more than compensate for it and make it an adorable watch that leaves you smiling.

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