‘Antim: The Final Truth’ Review – High octane action drama that has its flaws but gives a kick

Antim: The Final truth ( 2021/ Cinema release/ Action / Thriller/ Drama)

The story revolves around a poor man turned gangtser and his tussle with the moneyed, goons, family, love, cops and morals.

Based On – Mulshi Pattern by Pravin Tarde

The biggest aspect that made me happy and hopeful for Antim was the fact that we get to see Salman outside of the Prabhu Deva world. Being a fan of Mahesh Manjrekar as a film maker added on to it. 

And to that effect, I would say, Antim was a satisfactory experience. 

A man from a poor exploited family taken to goon-ism by his circumstances and turn of events, definitely sounds like a dated storyline. But I guess it’s the execution that makes all the difference.

The film gets its hold over you right from the word go and Ayush had a lot to do with it. This being his first film that I saw, I would say I was blown away by his intensity.

As the story progresses, it introduces us to many more characters and the team of support cast that Manjrekar puts together add lure to the otherwise not-so-new proceedings.
Another aspect that hits you impressively is the background score (Ravi Basrur). Absolutely smashing, it’s the kind that immediately sets the adrenaline rushing.

I liked the cinematography (Karan Rawat). The close up shots, shaky camerawork in action scenes and the wide angle Ariel shots of Pune grab your attention.

Salman Khan’s entry with all style, action and Salman-swag gets you high.

Ayush Sharma is the surprise package of the film who shines with potential and confidence.

As the angry young man, he portrays the brash impulsive and arrogant Rahuliya well. I was damn impressed with his expressive eyes. To hold fort at par with Salman in a Salman film is a feat.

And due credit to Salman who let him take the lead. At ease with his charisma irrespective of the footage and with total confidence on his fan following, Salman delivers his most subdued role till date as Rajbeer Singh, ruling like a king in the frames he appears in. 

Mahima looks good as the simple demure Manda but doesn’t have much to chew on.

Special mention for Chhaya Kadam (Rahul’s mother) for that realistic touch even in a small role and Upendra Limaye as Nanya.

Rohit Haldikar, Sachin Khedekar, Sayaji Shinde, Jisshu SenGupta, Nikitin Dheer add good support.

I liked the music by Ravi Basrur and Hitesh Modak. The songs seemed a good mix of traditional, trendy and groovy though they seemed a bit ill fitted in the narrative.

Dialogues are a mix of claptrap, cliched and overtly melodramatic, mainly thriving on the cast and the people mouthing them.

After all, when Salman delivers a dialogue, his drawl is enough for it to sail through.

I would rate the first act as good and it had me looking forward to the next. The plot and the stakeholders were all set and ready to soar.

When the second act kept adding sub plots and sequences and the story starts meandering instead of soaring, that’s when I felt the script lacking. Nevertheless I kept hoping for the better.

Unfortunately, the third act continues with the similar flaw. It’s marred by too much melodrama, long dialogues and scenes that could have been easily done away with. Towards the end, it felt that they were trying too hard to give all possible mileage to Ayush’s character.

The film has its share of flaws mainly lacking in writing and editing aspects specially in second half where it goes a little haywire. It could have been sharper and shorter.

For those who can take it in the stride, the overall package would be worth the while.

The film is a good watch for those who love masala entertainers and a must watch for Salman fans. For the rest, it would be as per their palates.

Score 3 on 5.

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  1. Seems Salman has matured. That’s great. He can really touch you with the right script and director. Ayush is experienced in cinema 🎥 having worked as an assistant in Bajrangi bhai. Looks like paisa vassal. 🎬

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