‘Tryst with Destiny’ Review: Subtlety, Substance and a Set of Superb Actors !

Tryst with Destiny (2021/ Sonyliv / Anthology)

A set of four stories about people from different strata struggling with prejudices, inequalities, aspirations, vices and their destinies.

Director – Prashant Nair

Writers – Avani Deshpande, Neeraj Pandey, Prashant Nair


The anthology offers a great combination of subtlety, substance, message and engaging storytelling 

Besides the fact that it boasts of a wonderful set of actors and performances, there are so many aspects that I appreciated like the production design, the costumes detailing and the writing. The irony and the implied inference of the names of the characters in the stories is not lost upon. Neither is the glaring reality that it tries to convey. 

It would be unfair to the imaginative writing if you are unable to trace the connection between these stories and mythological stories of Galava and Yayati, Gautam and Ahiliya and the irony of names of Kuber and Laxmi.

Peacocks are a symbol of respect, honour and integrity. They play an important part in interconnecting these elements with the stories at the end.

Fair And Fine

The story revolves around a billionaire who has everything possible that money can buy and yet reels under the colour prejudice and carries a fair skin obsession.

It was a pleasure to watch Suhasini after so long with her nuanced portrayal as an understanding and supporting wife. Ashish Vidyarthi is great as the ruthless go getter billionaire with a vulnerable part.

The River

Is about a heart rending life of a couple reeling under abject poverty, caste inequality and gross social injustice. 

Their love for each other and their kids, their pathetic life, desperation for a freedom and ultimate resolve is wonderfully depicted and pulls at your heartstrings.

Vineet Kumar Singh and Kanu Kusruti are brilliant beyond words in this almost silent story.

With so much conveyed in so little words, the film leaves you reeling with thoughts and feelings. It was, for me, the most impressive story of all. Do notice the realism and detailing in location, setting, sets and scenes.


Is a story about a traffic policeman, Kuber (Jaideep Ahlawat) and his girl friend Laxmi (Palomi Ghosh). Mismatch of their social station, her aspirations and his desperate efforts to meet them leads him down the hill.

What the story conveys might be nothing new yet the actors keep you absolutely gripped.

The Beast Within

Is a story wherein a forest official, Geetanjali Thapa, is trying to save a man eater caught by the villagers and is pitched against Amit Sial who wants to kill the Tiger to avenge the death of his child. This is the only story that left me at crossroads as to what to infer from its ending.

The anthology won the best screenplay at Tribeca Film Festival and rightfully so. I loved their depiction and the implied message.It is subtle and engaging. The star cast and the performances are reasons alone to watch this one.

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